mysticmoonblade (mysticmoonblade) wrote in writing_buddies,

New writing buddy

Hey, everyone. My name's Danielle. Umm...Basically, I write both Star Wars fan fiction and original fantasy fiction. I'm generally good with grammar, spelling, punctuation, that time of stuff...Characterization...I'm fairly good with description, and I can usually come up with some ideas, depending on what it's for, so...

Basically, I've always wanted to have one person to be my writer buddy or beta reader or whatever. I think I found someone (not 100% sure) but if anyone is looking for someone to help with that type of stuff or maybe eventually co-write with someone, you can contact me. I've never tried co-writing with someone on the net, so I'm curious as to how it would work...Might be easier to do it through a Livejournal or something, but...My main LJ account is jediknightmuse so you can contact me through email or on AIM or just reply to this or...Whatever. ^_^
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