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Help Wanted

Hello. My name is Trish, i'm 16, and I love to write, but I have a problem... I can't spell... I also have stories that I want to share with the web, but the site I submited it to said that I had a few spelling errors and grammatical errors. I admit that i suck at spelling and I think my grammer is alright, but the spellcheck hates me. These stories are rated NC-17 for content, I'm not going to post them here, but if anybody will help me and check over my work without eating it up and cutting it to bits, please reply. I must warn that it's Harry Potter fanfic, but it contains no slash. If anybody is interested, please help. I'd love you forever.

I'll e-mail you the stories one at a time, or whatever, and you can have this feeling inside that you got to read it first...

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