The Girl (anacondafelones) wrote in writing_buddies,
The Girl

Blueberry Bagels!



Blueberries, themselves, are good for all sort of baking; muffins, scones, cakes, desserts etc. They're great just on their own or with a little cream and sugar on top.

Writing can be seen in the same light. Writing, when things are going your way -- characters are cooperating, and chapters are running smooth-- can be as delicious. This community will try to make sure your work is like a blueberry bagel – it’ll leave that mm-mm after taste!

Who: People who hope to be published one day should join.
What: A serious writing community where your work will be critiqued. Nothing here will be sugarcoated (if you hope to publish a novel, you better get used to hearing someone’s opinion of your work).
When: Whenever you feel ready.
Why: It’s good to get feedback on your work.
Where: Here!
How: Just join!


*xposted (apologies if posting news of a new critting community isn’t allowed).
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